About Us

The shows were established  13 years ago to promote handmade work made by the actual person standing behind the table.

With over 30 years in the business on both sides of the table we know what both the exhibitor and visitor are looking for.

All the exhibitors at the events are vetted to keep standards high and duplication to a minimum.

 Over the last few years ‘craft’ shows had become filled with bought in products, franchises, and offered an opportunity for the retailing of food products.

We decided that our shows were to be for the crafts person who handmade their work and free from retailed gifts.

We do not accept mixed stands as this is unfair on other exhibitors.

We plan everything from the actual position of marquees to the position of tables at the venues. When an exhibitor arrives everything will be in place for them.

All our quality framed marquees are placed adjacent to a venue

NOT just a tent in a field.

We always have 5000 flyers printed and distributed for all shows.

Our own professionally printed boards,placed where we can.

Advertising is through the media (radio), Internet, Tourist Information centres, galleries, libraries (where we are allowed). Newspapers and magazines. Plus large local businesses. And the AA.

Visitors are also cared for, with free parking at every venue.

Disabled area for blue badge holders and as near to the venue as possible.

Always professional catering with NO burger vans.

An elegant setting in which to sit and enjoy the show usually with music and other entertainment.

Good quality toilets, NOT the blue plastic ones !

In the Walled garden at Castle Ashby in May

Hangar One at the Aviator Hotel

Sywell in November